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BUD Leadership Development Programme

I am really looking forward to working with you during this programme.

We have designed the programme to meet the outcomes of Business Unit Directors like you in your region. This page has been created to let you know what to expect from the experience and how to get the most from it.

What to expect from the experience

How to prepare to get the most from the programme

I appreciate how busy you are, and it is vital to me that you feel that this programme is a highly valuable use of your time.

The sessions will be immersive, so it is really important that you do everything you can to fully focus on your learning during the workshops.

I would also highly recommend that you allocate some focused time in the two to three weeks after each face-to-face workshop to review your learning and ensure that you are applying your key insights from the programme.

To help you hit the ground running, I would also like you to reflect on the following and bring your thoughts to the first workshop:

  • What are your outcomes from the leadership workshops? If the experience helps you to be an even better leader, how will you know?

  • In your view, what is the distinction between leading and managing?

  • What key business issue or opportunity do you face that, if this programme helped to solve or progress, will add significant value to your business?

We will focus on the first two points during the programme's first session. The third, we will revisit throughout the experience to ensure we are creating real value in your business.

How will we measure the success of the programme?

The success of a programme like this lies in how much learning is transferred into your day-to-day work. To support this, we will ask you to complete a number of additional tasks.

Firstly, we will encourage you to keep a live learning journal. This should capture key insights from the programme and how you have used them in your business unit. The learning journal can be written, voice notes or video snapshots.

This learning will help with the next learning transfer task, which is to include a session in the BU review following each workshop, to update what your key insights have been, what ideas you will implement, what the implications are and what will inhibit you from applying your insights.

Finally, on the last day of the programme, you will present to your fellow participants. This presentation will be recorded and shared with your line manager so you can review it together.

The presentation will include:

  • How this programme has helped you develop as a leader

  • How will it help your business unit be even stronger?

  • What impact will it have on your people, how engaged they are and their performance

  • How has your participation in the programme impacted on your identified business challenge or opportunity

Together, these will help us all to clearly understand the impact of the leadership programme.


Workshop 1 dates: 21st - 23rd May

Workshop 2 dates: 1st - 3rd October

The venue will be confirmed shortly.


Day 1 will begin at 0930 and finish at 1700

Day 2 will begin at 0900 and finish around 1715

Day 3 will begin at 0845 and finish around 1515

What to wear and what to bring:

Please wear what you are most comfortable learning in. Most people come to our events dressed casually. We will provide high-quality materials, including notes pages, so you just need to bring something to write with and a really open mind.

One final note. I want this experience to be outstandingly valuable, regardless of whether it is your first leadership development programme or the latest of many. If there is anything that I can do ahead of the session to ensure that is the case, please get in touch via


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