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Our ALIGNED methodology is revolutionising how companies operate, communicate and how their leaders bring their people on the journey with them. The approach brings a new perspective to leadership by smashing two lingering business myths that get in the way of organisations reaching their real potential.


The first is that strategy eats culture for breakfast.


The second is that great organisations start with ‘why?’.

By challenging these popular myths, ALIGNED® reveals how to grab a competitive advantage by aligning strategy, culture and customer experience.


More than 97% of senior teams we have surveyed have a misalignment across strategy, culture and customer experience.


By adopting the ALIGNED methodology, you gain a competitive advantage and reshape how your business thinks and communicates. The process begins with a simple diagnostic, which assesses the degree of alignment within the crucial teams in your organisation. The data will provide a deeper understanding of which elements of the methodology will give the most significant value and what the roadmap will be to becoming an ALIGNED organisation.

The Aligned® Model

Our Programmes

The Aligned® Executive Development Programme

Our premium programme has created many millions of pounds, dollars and euros of value for clients. Typically delivered over several months, anchored around six immersive days of face to face learning and underpinned by real strategic projects, this is an outstanding developement experience for senior leaders.

Typical investment : £33000 - £40000

Strategically Aligned 

Talent and Succession

This Aligned Talent process designed to help HR Leaders and their stakeholders to identify, retain and develop their top talent and future successors in a structured way that supports their organisation's strategic goals and culture.

Typical investment : £20000 - £100000

Create an Aligned® Team

Alignment is at the heart of high performance teams. This experience enables teams to deliver outstanding results, minimise silo working and conflict and model the way for other teams in the organisation.

Typical investment : £12000

Aligned® Leadership


This two day workshop provides talented leaders with the fundamentals required to deliver the results they need for their business, their people and their customers. This experience is particularly valuable for those who currently rely on their subject matter expertise for credibility or are constantly firefighting.

Typical investment : £12500

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Powerful Conversations

This two-day experience gives managers the opportunity to delve into their drivers for conversations, consider their approaches, and develop skills to make their conversations powerful. Over the two days they can use experiece and real-world examples of when conversations had or didn't have their desired outcomes to foster deeper, more trusting and meaningful conversations. The skills they implement back in the business will allow them to cultivate a high-performance team, identify individuals potential and motivators, and align their team needs with your business requirements.

Typical investment : £7500

The Alignment Advantage

Conference Workshops

This powerful and interactive conference session will challenge, provoke and ultimately align your audience strategically, culturally and in the experiences they create for your customers.

Typical investment : £5500

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