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Welcome to your Developing An Aligned Team Workshop

I am excited to work with you during your Aligned Team Development workshop.

The purpose of this page is to give you a flavour of what to expect from the experience and how to prepare to get the most from it.

Please watch this video to get more of a feel for the workshop.

The Outcomes

By applying your learning and insights from the experience, you will:

  • Use the ALIGNED® framework as the context to align your work with the strategy bets more effectively.

  • Drive high performance through a greater understanding of your colleagues,

  • Increase trust across levels and couplings, creating a better balance of freedom and responsibility.

  • Develop the foundations upon which the team can become a true dream team.

Focus areas

To achieve these outcomes, I plan to focus on the following areas:

Session 1 - Welcome and orientation.

Session 2 - Personality programmes - a live session which will give everyone a greater understanding of how you all think, process and communicate, which, if used ongoing, will increase transparency, trust and communication effectiveness.

Session 3 - The ALIGNED framework, including the big six ALIGNED questions

Session 4 - Values alignment, what are the most commonly shared personal values in the team, and how do they align with Netflix values?

Session 5 - How to avoid (or reverse) team dysfunction

Session 6 - A facilitated session to explore how the work you do contributes to the organisation's strategy bets


Venue: Hotel Blooming in Bergen NH

Timing: Day 1 will start at 1000 and finish around 1630. Day 2 will begin at 0900 and end around 1230.

What to bring and what to wear: Please wear whatever you are comfortable learning in. Most people choose to dress casually. We will provide materials to reference and make notes in, so you just need something to write with and an open mind.

I want you to have an excellent experience. If there is anything I can do before the event to help you get the most from it, please get in touch via


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