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Three certain reasons your strategy is doomed to fail

The credit goes to them for taking the learning and applying it.

They have challenged their teams, colleagues and bosses to think differently, and the impact has been HUGE!

The process works. It saves time, money, and can focus and unify your whole organisation.

But not everyone knows about the ALIGNED strategic approach. As a result, not every organisation uses it. So not everyone is feeling the benefits.

If you haven’t implemented the ALIGNED strategic process yet, here are three reasons your strategy is doomed to fail.

  1. You don’t agree on what strategy is. Remember, according to our research, 97% of Executive Teams do not have a shared definition of strategy.

  2. Your strategy isn’t actually a strategy at all. The goals aren’t strategic, or the strategic pillars don’t add up. Few things get more in the way of a business performing optimally than having a strategy that isn’t actually a strategy.

  3. Your strategy is divisive and drives silos. As an Exec Team, you have asked the heads of the individual business functions to submit their business plans, and they have been shoved together in a misaligned way. Each sub-strategy will have elements that conflict with the other sub-strategies, meaning it is almost impossible to executive successfully.

If any of these challenges ring a bell, then take one of these three next steps:

  1. Hire us for your next conference or Executive Team event to share our ALIGNED methodology. Email me now at

  2. Pre-order a copy of The Alignment Advantage for every senior leader in your organisation.

  3. Keep doing what you’re doing and fall behind your competition.


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