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The cold hard truth about writing The Alignment Advantage

George helping me during an early morning writing session

This image captures the challenge of writing a brilliant book – at least, it does for me.

Writing The Alignment Advantage was a passion project; I couldn’t not write it, even though when I wrote 50 Secrets of Self Confidence in 2014, I told those closest to me that they should shoot me if I ever mentioned writing another book.

The ALIGNED®️ methodology has a profound impact on the clients we work with. The results are incredible.

I have to get this simple but powerful way of thinking and working into the hands and minds of as many business owners and leaders as possible. While I am fortunate to work with dozens of amazing organisations each year and hundreds of talented business leaders, the ALIGNED®️ work has to reach more people.

Just to be clear, writing a book is rarely prosperous. Don’t get me wrong, if The Alignment Advantage has a global impact and sells hundreds of thousands of copies, I will be rewarded. But on the whole, I think you would be shocked at the percentage of sales per book that authors get.

Add that to the late nights, tucked up in an Airbnb in London, getting the words from my head onto a page in the best way I can to have the most impact. The stress of a deadline looming, a diligent commissioning editor asking tough questions, the self-doubt about hitting seventy thousand words, the commission decisions when the seventy thousand word barrier is broken. All on the backdrop of having over-committed to client delivery and still trying to be some kind of husband, father, son and friend.

Don’t get me wrong. I know I’m not working down a mine or performing life-saving surgery. But I hope you can see why, having done what in my world is the hard work on a project and I am beyond passionate about, I want to take every single opportunity to get the word out there.

I don’t find book writing easy, and it certainly isn’t glamorous. The marketing and promotion process doesn’t always sit comfortably, but I am compelled because the impact of ALIGNED®️ thinking, working, leading, and living is profound.

So if you haven’t ordered The Alignment Advantage yet, you can get it here or here.

If you would like to help but don’t want to buy it just yet, you can support the book launch in other ways. You can read more here.

I appreciate everyone who has already bought, supported and contributed to the success of a project I am very proud of.



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