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Leading The Merlin Way Module 2 – Welcome

I am really looking forward to seeing you again for the second workshop of your Leading The Merlin Way programme.

During the session, we will explore communication from a leadership perspective, including how to influence, build instant credibility and design communications that engage more of your audience more of the time. We will also look at high performance teams from several different perspectives and how to lead your teams during times of change.

Project update presentations

I am particularly excited to head how your projects have progressed, and I know that our senior guests are looking forward to your presentations on the last day too.

You will have a couple of hours to prepare your presentations, but it will be useful to think ahead of time about what message you want to give in your presentation. Do you want to gain the audience's buy-in? Do you want them to give feedback and suggestions on what you should do next? Is this a practice before you present your proposition to your management team?

Your presentation will only be 8 - 10 minutes long, and it will fly over, so think about the key points you want to make. I will share a brilliant framework around which you can build your presentation.

Other preparation work

The first session of the workshop will be a reflection on what you have applied most successfully since the first session. Please think about what has worked and how you will use even more from the second workshop to make a difference in how you lead your teams and people.


Venue: Chessington World of Adventure Conference Centre Timings: Day 1 - 0930 - 1700. Day 2 - 0900 - 1730. Day 3 - 0845 - 1530

We will provide a workbook for the second workshop, so all you need to bring is something to write with and loads of enthusiasm.

As always, I want you to have a fantastic experience. If there is anything that I can do ahead of time to enable that, please email me via hear.


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