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Is fragmented loyalty the fault of a fragmented culture?

The new normal still seems to be an ever-changing target. The jury is still out on whether hybrid working solutions have enhanced or diminished the pre-pandemic levels of performance and engagement. I have seen recently, in some organisations, that micro-groups of employees have created sub-cultures that have shattered previous well-established organisational cultures.

These sub-cultures have often resulted in a switch of allegiance and loyalty from the overall strategic drive of the organisation to one of self-fulfilment, driven primarily by a sense of survival.

Here are some areas of focus to consider to strengthen your organisational culture.

Acknowledge there’s no quick fix

This is all going to take time. We can’t rewind back to early 2020 and pick up from where we left off. Both the employee and the customer experience have fundamentally changed. Now is the time not only to adapt but also to continue to refine towards future success. Let’s listen to what our people and our customers are telling us and ride the wave of change rather than trying to paddle against it.

Refocus on strategy to rebuild culture

Strategic focus re-establishes the need for collective action in decision-making, planning and performance across all areas. Sharing the wider consequences of failing or succeeding to achieve the strategic goals, as an organisation, can result in a collaborative approach which increases loyalty and engagement.

Allow your managers to become true leaders

Provide your managers with a clear leadership framework and the skills required to deliver it. Managers require a true level of autonomy for them to guide their people through the ever-changing landscape. A sense of collective cultural loyalty will be built on the way your managers engage and lead their people into the future.

To find out more about my approach to talent culture, let’s continue the conversation by emailing me with ALIGNED Talent in the subject to find out more.


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