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I’ve just noticed something about you

When discussing the talent strategy of your organisation, are we both talking the same language?

Namely, what do we both mean by the word ‘Talent’?

Ask yourself the following questions,

  • Are you confident in discussing Talent with your senior stakeholders?

  • Is Talent part of your remit but something that keeps slipping to the end of the priority list?

  • Is everyone in your organisation clear on who’s responsible for succession and Talent?

  • Are you stuck using outdated talent tools (9-box grid) that just don’t provide what you need?

  • Are you developing your people who are considered Talent, and if not, why not?

When you speak to me about Talent you’ll feel the following three things,

  • Simplification – a no-nonsense approach that offers simple solutions to seemingly complex problems.

  • Proven results – I have worked with talent strategy over the past 20 years with many diverse organisations.

  • Easy to work with – my job is to make you look good and make your role a success. My relationship with my clients is my first priority.

My approach focuses on Talent with a Big ‘T’; identifying your actual Talent, your Core Talent and your Undiscovered Talent.

I would LOVE to hear from you to discuss the next stage of your journey to success, and, maybe, we’ll get a chance to work together in person in the future.

When the time is right, and you're ready to work together to transform your Talent strategy, let’s set up a 45-minute discovery call to see if my approach is right for you. Get in contact with me here


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