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HSSE Leadership Team Event Follow Up

It was brilliant to join you at Europa Park and explore how you work, think and operate as a team.

Here are the flipcharts from the session.

HSSE Leadership
Download PDF • 9.92MB

One of the morning's conversations led us to explore how aligned you are strategically, culturally and in your contribution to the guest experience. If you want to recap on that, you can watch the short video below.

As is always the case, our exploration of Personality Programmes prompted insight, ideas and, I hope, action. Here is a recap video of the programmes we spent time on. I hope you continue to use the framework across the HSSE community.

Finally we briefly explored Patrick Lencioni's work around teams and how to avoid becoming a dysfunctional team. I would highly recommend watching this video and sharing any insights you have across the HSSE community.

I hope you found the session valuable and that you are already taking steps to become an even stronger community of leaders. If you have any questions, please get in touch via


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