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But first this - Team Strategy event October 2023

I am tremendously, amazingly, outstandingly excited for the time we will spend together.

For the first time ever, we will bring together a three-year strategy to develop our businesses, do more of the work we love and live even more of the lives we want to lead.

Additionally, we get to spend time together for the first time as a new three. I am thrilled you're joining us Sam. We finally have a team with a twist of diversity, not just because you are the first female consultant in the team, but you're the first person to join the team who isn't a former client.

I have a plan for the event that you can download here

Strategy Event October 23
Download PDF • 50KB

To help make the most of the time we have, please take time to do the following preparation:

  • Ensure your sub-strategies are up to date and ready to present

  • Consider three things that you should celebrate from the last two years (Sam – I know your context is different, but I would still love to hear yours)

  • Do whatever you can to arrive at the event full of energy

I would love you to watch this short video too. (I recorded it at Legoland NY while we were setting up for the day - please forgive the quality).


I will pick you both up from the airport and head down to the apartment we will be working from.

The two accommodations are: Main venue - I have this from 3pm on Monday until we leave on Tuesday. It's the bigger one, hence using it as the main venue Second accommodation - we have this from Monday afternoon to Tuesday morning

Both should be spacious, have lovely views, and are about a 5-minute walk apart.

We will have dinner together, a 5 min car ride or 20-minute walk away.

We5-minute will start early on Tuesday morning with a brisk walk and breakfast before getting stuck into the day. We will grab lunch on the go when we get some fresh air later in the morning.

I will take you to the airport or arrange a taxi when we finish on Tuesday afternoon.

If there is anything else logistics-wise that you want me to take care of or that I haven't thought of, please let me know.

The same goes for the shape of the event. The proposed design can be changed, so let me know if I have missed something or if you think there is a better approach.

I can't wait to host you in Whitley Bay later this month.


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