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Are your team pulling in different directions?

There’s a famous old Monty Python sketch called the 100 yards for the directionally challenged. (I’ll pop a link to it at the end of the post)

All of the competitors link up together at on the start line.  

They take their marks.  

The starting guns goes off.

And they all sprint off in different directions.

I can’t tell you how many leadership teams I have worked with who do exactly this.

And it drives leaders like you crazy!

You think they know the strategy.  

They seem to know the targets.

They should understand the vision and values.  

Yet they all run off in different directions.  

The truth is most teams aren’t aligned because they haven’t spent enough time on getting aligned.

Just because there are shared organisational goals, it doesn’t mean that all of your people understand or value them to the same degree.  

Regular check ins, based around the big six aligned questions are vital in making sure your teams are pulling in the same direction.

Our research using these questions shows that in more than 95%of cases, teams are pulling in different directions because of strategic or cultural misalignment.  

By the way misaligned teams always take up more of their leaders time. So if you always feel like you regularly have to get the team back on track rather than focusing on your strategic priorities, then now is the time to buy back some of that time by realigning your team.

Here’s that Monty Python link in case you haven’t seen it.


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