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3 powerful coaching questions for your top talent

The power of effective coaching is a key tool for your people managers to fulfil their responsibility as talent managers. If you’re responsible for the development of talent within your organisation, then enabling a talent coaching culture must be a main priority.

The success of these coaching conversations needs to have joint ownership of the high potential person and their line manager. Expectations on both sides need to be explored and developed on a regular basis to maintain and increase the momentum that will ultimately achieve success.

Below are 3 simple coaching questions that allow your people to ignite a talent conversation around fulfilling their potential and future aspirations.

Question 1 - Competencies:

  • What examples of successful competencies do you see in other people effectively delivering in this type of role? 

This question reviews how well the person’s competencies match the requirements and expectations of the organisation by focusing on people who are already delivering at this level.

Question 2 - Attributes:

  • Have any of your personal attributes ever prevented you from delivering a successful outcome?

The question is intended to highlight hidden attributes that either side are unaware of and either need to be developed or maintained.

Question 3 - Experience:

  • What experiences do you feel you need, or have yet to have, to be successful in this future role?

Experience, either historical or aspirational, are a discussion point that can either highlight what is required or what needs to be capitalised on.

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