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Welcome to your Benenden Hospital People Leaders Development Programme – Cohort 3 – 2024


I am excited to be working with you all during your upcoming Benenden Hospital People Leaders Development Programme.

The purpose of this page is to give you a flavour of what to expect from the experience and how to prepare to get the most from it.

Please watch this video to get more of a feel for the workshop and what to expect.


The learning outcomes

By applying your learning and insights from the experience, you will:

  • Create a personal development plan based on aligning your skills to the Benenden Hospital People Leader role profile to support your journey towards Senior leadership.

  • Review the Benenden Hospital new strategic programme structure and action plan how you optimise your delivery of key strategic outputs.

  • Identify effective methods to lead yourself and your team successfully.

  • Identifying development opportunities in supporting the aspiring leaders project work.

A small amount of pre-workshop thinking

I would recommend that you spend some time before the first workshop to consider your own personal learning outcomes and expectations from the programme. It may be helpful to discuss these with your own manager to gain an insight to their expectations of you.

The logistics

Day 1 Venue: Quinlan, Training Room 1

Dates: Day 1 – 17th April 2024 & Day 2 – 1st May 2024 (a virtual half day 3 will be held on the 22nd May 2024)

Timing: Day 1 & 2 will start at 09:00 and finish no later than 16:30. Our virtual half day will start at 09:00 and finish at 12:30. 


What to bring and what to wear: Please wear whatever you are comfortable learning in. Most people choose to dress casually. We will provide materials to reference and make notes in, so you just need something to write with.


I want you to have an excellent experience. If there is anything I can do before the event to help you get the most from it, please get in touch via


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