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Welcome back to Merlin Leading 2.0 – APAC Virtual Module 2

Hello Merlin Leaders,

I am really looking forward to working with you again during the second module of your Leading the Merlin Way 2.0 programme on-line starting on Monday 27th May 2024.

We will continue the journey towards you being an even better leader than ever before and being an exemplar of the Merlin values.

Our Learning Outcomes

We have continued to reshape and redesign the programme to reflect the demands and opportunities of the Go Forward strategy. By continuing to apply your learning from the programme, you will:

  • Lead in a way that supports the delivery of the Go Forward strategy

  • Be an exemplar of the new Merlin values

  • Use the ALIGNED methodology to accelerate the transformation from Merlin 1.0 to Merlin 2.0

Your Preparation

Here are some things to think about ahead of the second training session.

  • Please take some time to revisit the plans and notes you made from the first training session.

  • Please remember to bring your workbook with you!

  • Consider what have you applied most successfully since the first session. What has been most successful? What challenges have you had?

  • Consider what you can do to ensure that you gain even more from the second event than you did from the first? How will you ensure that the experience is even more powerful?

  • Work based-project, many of you will be at various stages of your work-based project and most of you will have completed your presentations. Please be prepared to give a short update on day 1 of the virtual workshop (you will be updating your peers). You will be placed in small sub-groups and will be asked to give a short overview of your project status, your learning from the presentation (if you have completed one) and your future steps.  

Welcome to our new delegates!

We have 5 new delegates joining our group who have recently completed the Leading 2.0 module one in China.

  • Elaine Zhuang - Gateway

  • Kitty Li – Gateway

  • Isabelle Yao – Gateway

  • Ariff Mazlan – LEGOLAND Malaysia

  • Thoo Mei Ching - LEGOLAND Malaysia

I’m sure you’ll all join me in welcoming them to the group.

Agenda - Dates and timings

Session 1



27th May 2024

Session 1.1 – 06:30 to 09:30 UK Time (13:30 to 16:30 SGT Singapore Time)

  • Welcome back / Learning Review from Module 1

  • Leading a cultural transformation

  • Review Merlin’s new values and ALIGNED


Self-Study / Coaching Activity

  • Work-based project review


Session 1.2

  • Crossing the Chasm as template for embedding the new culture.


Session 2



28th May 2024

Session 2.1 – 06:30 to 09:30 UK Time (13:30 to 16:30 SGT Singapore Time)

  • Communication planning

  • Engaging people in your shared narrative


Self-Study / Coaching Activity


Session 2.2

  • Merlin’s Purpose and Values

  • Vision – Inspiring a Shared Vision


Session 3



29th May 2024

Session 3.1 – 06:30 to 09:30 UK Time (13:30 to 16:30 SGT Singapore Time)

  • How do we lead the X?

  • Diversity Equality and Inclusion

  • Maps of the world


Self-Study Activity / Coaching


Session 3.2

  • Approachable and Credible Modes

  • Principles of influence

  • Influence and Concern


Session 4



30th May 2024

Session 4.1 – 06:30 to 09:30 UK Time (13:30 to 16:30 SGT Singapore Time)

  • The critical 5 for self-leadership and wellbeing

  • Your project strategy review

  • Action planning and next steps


Your learning environment

As this is an on-line session, please make sure that you are set up in a quiet space where you’re not going to be disturbed and able to join in fully as a participant. I would recommend that you let your colleagues know that you are on an on-line course for the duration of each session.


If there is anything I can do before the event to help you get the most from it, please get in touch via



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