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Transformational Leadership @ Parkdean Resorts – Workshop 3

I am excited to work with you again during the final module of your Transformational Leadership Programme.

Naturally, a key focus of this final session will be the presentations to the Executive Team. We will finalise and rehearse them during the first day and be ready to wow the audience on day 2.

While the learning from the presentations will be an important part of the workshop, it isn't the only focus. We will also explore self-leadership and wellbeing, the six needs that drive all human behaviour and how you, as a community, lead the experience that Parkdean aims to create for its visitors and owners.


The session will take place in the Caravan of Love room in Head Office.

Day 1 begins at 11am on Monday, 25th September and will finish by 6pm.

Day 2 will start at 845am on Tuesday 26th, and finish around 4pm.

Please remember to bring your workbook to the session.

How to prepare to get the most from the session

The most important thing to do is to have your compelling presentation ready for the final event. You will have time to fine-tune and practice it, but the structure should be completed.

Remember that 4MAT is a great structure for your presentation, and I highly recommend that you begin with a clear statement of your findings, recommendations or request to ensure your audience is engaged.

I would also like you to consider what the future looks like for you as a leader at Parkdean Resorts. How will you continue your learning journey beyond the final session, and how will you ensure that you make the most of the learning experience?

If you have any questions ahead of the session, please get in touch with me via or Harriet McLeod in Talent and Development.


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