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The Learning Revolution Has Begun

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you across our three days of exploring Brain Friendly Learning. This page contains some valuable follow up information and your next steps.

Here are the flipcharts from the event.

Parkdean BFL Flips
Download PDF • 198.09MB

Several of you have reached out already to ask questions and share ideas. Please continue to use me as a resource as you explore new ways to design and facilitate.

The three anchor points of the workshop were:

  • The five principles of brain friendly learning

  • Our three-step design process (outcome, state, experience)

  • Your combined intelligence and experience

Please continue to share ideas with each other and ask for help as you build your toolkit and embrace the philosophy.

Remember that change in organisations takes time, and not everything you try will work the first time, but the more you experiment and focus on the beliefs, principles and frameworks underpinning the approach, the more you will impact you will have.

Given the time of year, we changed the plan to have a follow up call.

Instead, we would like to record a short (60 - 120 second) video or audio that covers three key areas:

  1. What were your biggest and most valuable learnings and insights?

  2. What have you implemented so far, and what is your learning transfer plan for the next three months?

  3. What impact has the workshop had so far and what impact will it have as you continue to adopt the brain friendly philosophy?

As I receive these reviews, I will add them to this page so we can be inspired and steal some ideas along the way.

Please send me your video or audio by 30th June. You can email or WhatsApp it to me on 07932725113.

I have two final things to share. One is a capture of the post-it notes you created when generating ideas for different types of set up.

Set up Post It
Download DOCX • 14KB

The second is one of my favourite TED Talks about learning and education. The brilliant Rita Pierson references every child needing a champion, but for those of you who are passionate about learning and the learner experience, so much of it will resonate with the work that you do.


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