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LMA Postgraduate Award - Strategic Leadership Workshop

I am looking forward to working with you on 30th January at St George's Park.

The day will link leadership and strategy, and we'll explore more about how both topics are brought to life in a range of organisations.

The day will be highly practical and will focus on topics including:

  • The five practices of exemplary leadership

  • Gaining an advantage through aligning strategy and culture

  • Creating and activating strategies

  • The solutions focus

If you have worked with me before on the Diploma or masterclasses, you will know that I make as many links between the concepts and life as a player, coach or manager. While I'll still do that to point, as this is an advanced programme, I will focus more on what the best businesses and organisations do and encourage you to make the links back to your environment.

This is partly because I think learning from the likes of Netflix, Warner Bros, Lego, Merlin, Samsung and other organisations I have worked with over the years is useful. Primarily though, I want to give a business perspective that may help as you aim to influence board members, CEOs, owners and investors.

If there is anything I can do ahead of the day to help you get the most from it, please drop me a line at or give me a call on 07932725113.

I look forward to seeing you at St George's.


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