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Leading 2.0 US 2023 - Module 1 follow up

Let me start with a huge thank you.

Thank you for your welcome to Legoland New York. Thank you for your company. Most of all, thank you for your commitment to the learning process. It was awesome to witness.

Now comes the real challenge. How will you integrate and apply your learning into your daily work and build new habits to become an even better leader?

Here are some additional resources to help with that process.

First, here are the flipcharts from the session.

Leading 2.0 US W1
Download PDF • 9.41MB

Next, here is the Enabling Greatness In Others video from David Marquet.

Here is that reminder video for those who plan to run the Personality Programmes session with your team, here is that reminder video.

Here is the 'How to Build a Habit or Break One' video from the brilliant James Clear.

If there is anything else that I can do to support you on your journey, please email me via

I look forward to seeing you again in LLNY in November.


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