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Is your imposter syndrome holding back your talent strategy?

  • Do you have Talent Management as part of your job role?

  • Do you feel like one day someone will ask you why your talent strategy hasn’t produced the results you promised?

  • Now and again, do you have a fear that your senior stakeholders may think of you as less competent than you would like to be perceived?

Don’t worry; it’s totally normal

Welcome to the club! Many of the clients that I’ve coached over the past 20 years have all felt some form of imposter syndrome at some stage of their career, whether it’s constantly questioning their abilities and accomplishments, or it's anxiety over making mistakes and not living up to expectations.

It’s a very common thought process among future high achievers.

How I can support you in making your talent strategy a success?

My approach takes the form of two stages:

  1. Focusing on you. We will recognise and reframe your feelings by challenging and changing any negative self-talk and beliefs. We’ll focus on your achievements so far and, together, set achievable and realistic goals.

  2. Talent strategy made simple. Together we’ll review your current talent strategy using my Aligned Talent diagnostic process. We can then take the next steps in planning the delivery of your strategy and how I can support you in making it a real success.

Please contact me to discuss the next stage of your journey to success, and, maybe, we’ll get a chance to work together in person in the future.

When the time is right, and you're ready to work together to transform your Talent strategy, let’s set up a 45-minute discovery call to see if my approach is right for you. Book direct with me here.


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