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League Managers Association Diploma 2023/24 - Inspiring Leadership

I am really looking forward to working with you during our day together as we explore inspiring leadership.

The day will be practical and fast-paced, and while I will share the latest and best thinking in the field of leadership, you will also have lots of time to think about how this learning applies to you in your current role or in roles you may take in the future.

By applying your learning and insights from the session, you will:

  • be an even better leader for the people who play for you, work for your and hire you

  • use the top four leadership characteristics as a guide to continue your development as a leader

  • manage your own emotional state and lead the emotional state of others

I want the workshop to be an event that it genuinely valuable beyond the diploma programme. To help you get the most from the day, please consider the following and bring your thoughts to the session.

  1. We are going to explore the top four characteristics that followers want from leaders, what would you top four be?

  2. What will make a day focused on inspiring leadership outstandingly valuable for you?


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