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Inspiring Leadership (League Managers' Association Diploma) - Follow Up

It was brilliant to work with you during the Inspiring Leadership session for the LMA Management Diploma. You are part of an outstanding group, and I hope to work with you all before you complete the programme.

Here are the flipcharts from the session.

LMA Diploma 2324
Download PDF • 9.48MB

The first session, where we looked at the umbrella model and how we sometimes lean towards doing the work of those people who work for us, really hit a nerve with many of you. Here's a video that I mentioned that is a good reminder that we don't always need to have all of the answers.

During the state session I also mentioned the research by Dr Amy Cuddy on power posing. To find out more, watch this TED Talk.

If there is anything about anything we covered on the day, please get in touch with me via or on 07932725113.

I hope to work with you again.

Richard Nugent


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