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If you left, would your team thrive or fail?

And just like that, the whole function had gone.

Overnight, seven years of hard work was undone.  

My client was a leader like you.  

Passionate, proud, committed, talented.  

And they build something pretty special.  

A high-performing team known to deliver great results.  

But there was one fundamental flaw (it will be abundantly clear what it is soon).

When this hardworking and high-performing leader was offered the job of a lifetime outside the organisation, they just couldn’t say no.  

Maybe you’ve had that dilemma too?

They took the new role and hit the ground running.  

But their old team disintegrated.  

Performance tanked.  

Their new leader left within six weeks.  

Then come the restructuring and the redundancies.  

A proud legacy became a memory.  

You see, this leader was so integral to the day-to-day work of their team that their team couldn’t thrive without them.  

Your job as a senior leader is not to roll your sleeves up and get the job with them.  

Your job is to coach, motivate, inspire, and create strategies that your teams activate.  

Vitally, your job is to build your teams’ capability to change.  

Your real legacy isn’t the results you get but the degree to which you develop your people so they can continue to deliver, develop and grow even after you move.


When the time is right, here are three ways I can help:

Ready to work together to transform your team? Let’s set up a 45minute discovery call to see if our signature Aligned Team programme is right for you . Book direct with me here.

Email to access an exclusive video sharing six questions that all high performing senior leaders MUST ask their teams.

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