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Four questions guaranteed to reignite your talent strategy

As a talent manager, the huge hurdles that you must overcome can often seem overwhelming. Whether it’s the perception that your talent strategy is ‘not for everyone’ or ‘just another bureaucratic box-ticking exercise driven by some obscure HR initiative’, delivering a successful organisational talent strategy can often feel like an uphill struggle.

Our ALIGNED® talent model is based on the years of experience we’ve built up working with our clients, and current academic research from our partnership with the London School of Economics.

Many of our clients have transformed their talent and succession strategies using our ALIGNED® talent model.

Our Diagnostic Approach

I’m going to share an example of our diagnostic approach and ask you four sample questions, each based on the core sections of the ALIGNED® talent model.


“Does your organisation’s vision, values and behaviours directly support the talent succession strategy of your organisation?”


“Do you currently have an informed view of viable successors to critical and specialist roles within your organisation?”


“Are your managers trained to have aspirational career-focused conversations that are aligned to your organisational succession plan?”


“Do you have bespoke development solutions that match the requirements of your identified talent?”

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, then our ALIGNED® talent diagnostic is guaranteed to kick start or reignite your talent strategy.

To find out more, please contact me at so we can continue the conversation further.


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