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Developing Leaders at Darlington Building Society

We are excited to work with you as you participate in the Developing Leaders programme. We have created this page to give you a flavour of what to expect from the programme, answer any questions you may have, and help you prepare to get the most from the programme.

Programme Outcomes

Here are our outcomes from the programme:

By applying your learning from this programme, you will:

  • Positively influence the Society's strategy, culture and member experience beyond your area of technical expertise

  • Create and activate strategies

  • Strengthen your network and influence across the institution

  • Be an exemplar of leadership in the Society

  • Ensure that what you do as a leadership community positively impacts the member

We have designed the programme to specifically to meet these outcomes and to support your development as a leader in the Society.

What to expect from the experience

We are confident that this learning experience will differ from any other you have experienced. Not only will we explore the latest and best in leadership, strategy, culture and change, but you will do so in a fully immersive and brain-friendly way.

Our learning experiences are high in challenge and also high in support. We know this fosters the ideal state to learn and have fun along the way.

As well as the workshops we will facilitate, you will experience masterclasses from colleagues from the Society, and you will work on a real, strategic project that will provide a great environment to apply the learning from the programme.

How to prepare to get the most from the programme

Please watch this short video to help you prepare to get the most from the experience.


Day 1 will start at 0930 and finish around 1700. Day 2 will start at 0900 and finish around 1600.

The venue for the first workshop is at Darlington Arena, Neasham Rd, Darlington DL2 1DL.

We will provide a high-quality workbook, so all you need to bring is something to write with and an open mind. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable learning in; most people choose to dress casually.

We want you to have a brilliant experience. If there is anything we can do ahead of the first workshop to ensure that is the case, please email Richard at


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