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Darlington Building Society Leadership Development Programme – Workshop 3 Welcome

We’re really looking forward to working with you again for the final workshop of your leadership development programme.

During the session, we’ll cover some tools to help you in times of change, including utilising a growth mindset and self-leadership and well-being. You’ll also have time to finalise your presentations.

We’ll be in the training rooms at the Darlington Head Office for both days. As you’ll be on home soil, it might be tempting to squeeze in a call or meeting during the day, so don’t forget what we covered in the first session for Your Learning Opportunity:

·       Openness – how open you are to new learning

·       Energy – how energised you feel to learn something new

·       Focus – how able you are to ‘put your day job down’ and focus on the session!

Day one (2nd April) will start at 0930 and finish around 1630 and day two (3rd April) will start around 0900 and finish around 1600.

We’ll kick off with a review of your learning from last time, so please be ready to chat about:

·       What your key learnings and insights were from the last workshop

·       Which of the learnings you’ve applied most and how they’ve been impactful

·       What will make this final workshop incredibly useful for you

If you have any questions for us before the session, please get in touch.

Sam and Richard


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