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Darlington Building Society Leadership Development Programme - Workshop 2 Welcome

We are delighted to work with you again during workshop 2 of your leadership development programme.

During the session, we will explore a range of topics, from creating an engaging and inspiring vision, what constitutes world-class performance measurement, how to build high-functioning teams and a whole range of skill builders around communication, influence and presentation skills.

Day 1 (10th January) will start at 0930 and end at 1700, with day 2 (11th January) starting at 0900 and finishing around 1600.

The first session of the workshop will include a review of your learning from the first session and how you have applied this learning. Please come with the following three things in mind.

  1. What were your key learnings and insights from the first workshop?

  2. Which of these learnings have you applied most successfully or effectively?

  3. What will make this workshop an outstandingly valuable experience for you?

Sam and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Richard and Sam.

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