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Creating a cultural shift at Darlington Building Society

It was great to work with you last week as we created the foundation of the new cultural narrative for The Society.

Here are the flipcharts from the session.

DBS - Culture Workshop
Download PDF • 8.58MB

Of course, the narrative is just the tip of the iceberg. To create meaningful and lasting change, you must cross the cultural chasms we explored during the afternoon.

Here is your roadmap to making the new culture stick.

I appreciate that we covered a lot of ground in a single day. As you go through the journey together, questions and challenges will arise. Feel free to use me as a resource. I will guide as much as I can from afar.

Finally, the single most important thing to remember as you go forward is that culture is a strategic enabler. You aren't going through this process as a 'nice to do'. If you don't alter 'the way we be around here', the existing culture will get in the way of your strategic ambitions.

Best of luck, Richard (


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