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Coaching The Magic Welcome

I am excited to work with you during your Coaching The Magic programme. I believe that as we enter the next exciting phase of growth in Merlin Entertainments, it is even more important than ever that we empower our people to find new ways to make the most of opportunities, challenge existing thinking and problem-solve at pace and scale.

Coaching The Magic is a conduit to help you to create insights for your people and let go of having to give all of the answers and solutions.

By applying your learning and insights from the programme, you will:

  • Create a greater degree of engagement with your people through coaching

  • Use a greater array of tools, techniques and approaches to support and develop your people

  • Help your people to find new ways to contribute strategically and culturally

  • Implement a coaching plan which is appropriate for your context

The programme will be immersive and will ensure that whether you are a highly experienced coach or are starting your coaching journey, you have new ways to help your people to have insights, make the most of opportunities and find their own solutions to challenges.

The programme is built around three events.

A 60-minute online coaching alignment session to put the foundations in place for the live practical session.

A 1-day coaching skills development workshop, which will dramatically build your skills.

A 75-minute online review session, during which we'll reflect on your successes and challenges as you have applied your insights from the live session and coached your people in your workplace.

During the live session, you will make a plan to take your learning into your context, and we will review this during the final session to ensure that you have the best chance possible to make the most of the whole experience.

Who is the programme for?

This programme is suitable for anyone who has the desire to be a better coach and has people around them that they can coach in the workplace.

For those in more senior positions, you will have time to reflect on the impact that building a coaching culture in your business will have.

How to prepare to get the most from the programme

I have created this short video to help you prepare for the session.

It is important to me that you have an outstandingly valuable and enjoyable experience throughout the programme, if you have any questions ahead of it, please get in touch with Christelle Bull or email me via


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