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Business Unit Leadership Programme (AMS) Workshop 2 Welcome

I can't wait to see you again in October. It has been phenomenal to hear from so many of you, sharing your progress, successes and wins since the first event.

I have created this page to set you up for success in Workshop 2.

Please watch this video to ensure that you have everything lined up ahead of the session.


Here's a recap of the outcomes for the programme.

By applying your learning and insights, you will:

  • Lead your business in an aligned way, giving it a significant competitive advantage

  • Maintain consistently high levels of engagement by demonstrating the top four characteristics that followers want from leaders

  • Enhance your clients' experiences throughout the life cycle

  • Develop and empower your people to ensure that they are operating at the right level and in the most effective way

The programme

Here is a high-level view of what you can expect to explore and focus on over the three days.

  • The Alignment Advantage - a recap

  • How to build a highly aligned and high-functioning team

  • Aligned performance measurement

  • How to take people with you - creating more followers and leaders

  • A coaching mini-masterclass

  • How communication works (or doesn't) and how we create our experiences

  • How to create instant credibility and rapport

  • The principles of influence and how to use them as a leader

  • How to have challenging conversations brilliantly

  • Shaping world-class communications

  • Individual conversations

  • Self-leadership, well-being and growth mindset

  • Final reflection, action planning and integration


The dates: 8th - 10th October

Please do everything possible to clear your diary of any other calls or meetings over these three days.

The venue: CBRE Richardson, 2375 N Glenville Dr Bldg A, Richardson, TX 75082. This is the same venue as last time.

The times: Day 1 will start at 0930 and finish around 1700. Day 2 will begin at 0900 and finish around 1730. Day 3 will start around 0830 and finish around 1530.

What to wear and bring: As with the first workshop, please wear what you feel comfortable learning in. Please remember to bring the workbook you got at the first workshop.

If there is anything I can do to help you get the most from the experience, please get in touch via


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