We’ve have had the pleasure of working with TwentyOne Leadership for several years and the partnership has played a significant role in developing our leadership culture. Models and theory are all very relevant however with TwentyOne they take it to a new practical and energised level, creating a lasting impression on the people that they work with.

Dave Buglass – Head of organizational capability and development – Tesco Bank.

For more than a decade the team have been developing the leadership capability of some of the biggest and fastest moving organisations in UK, Europe and US.

Our work has added millions of £, $ and € for our clients and changed how businesses operate internally and externally. Our programmes are tailored to our clients needs and with their business outcomes in mind.

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Leader as Coach

We often ask our delegates to consider the greatest leaders they have ever worked for, and why that leader stands out for them. It is almost guaranteed that their response includes a version of "I was able to achieve more than I ever thought possible while under their leadership".