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For the first time in 2019 TwentyOne Leadership will open the doors of the Consultancy Academy. This unique and immersive programme will enable like-minded consultants to learn how to build a highly successful consultancy business from the ground up.


We are proud of our purpose, how we operate and the work that we do. At the end of last year I created a video that captured some of the highs of the past year. It also helped reflect on some of the challenges that we overcame both at work and at home.

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Regular readers will notice a very, very different theme to this post. This week my very good friend, Nick Looby, launches his new book - "Modern Zombies: How to Stay Ahead of the Horde and Communicate Your Way to Incredible Success." Nick believes that we have a serious problem with zombies, and we are all infected. Whilst he has seen the communication virus creeping through every home, office and auditorium, I'm seeing it destroy our productivity at an alarming rate. Read on...if you dare.