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One of the biggest misconceptions I come across in my line of work is that introverts are shy. I have stood with groups of leaders on countless occasions and explained that introversion and extroversion are not about how confident or shy we are; they are about where our energy comes from. During these discussions I regularly share the fact that I am an introvert, yet I am not shy. But that is a lie.

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Many people grow up idolising popstars, movie stars or superheroes. I didn’t. Instead my heroes were called Geoff, Michael, David and Ossie. They were spectacularly normal in the best sense of the word. Those heroes taught me how anyone can be an everyday hero and I’d like to share how you can be one too.

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How often have you said or heard phrases like these recently? “Let’s see if there’s an Airbnb nearby and we’ll book for this weekend” or “When we land we’ll jump in an UBER and head straight there”, even better “Who wants a Deliveroo tonight?” The fact is that the ‘gig economy’ is now all around us and it’s not just sleeping in a stranger’s house and getting a lift. The gig economy is perforating all industries and traditional talent critical job roles from IT managers to accountants.