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Over the past 12 months I've been focusing on providing a talent coaching focus to many new and existing clients. What is obvious is the biggest barriers are created by those that would benefit most from a well-executed talent strategy - the line management team. Read my new article to discover three of the most consistent challenges I've found.

High Performing Teams / Leadership / Learning

As a talent manager, I’m guessing you’ve experienced the all too familiar request from a people manager to give their team some form of training to deal with an issue of underperformance whether it be motivation or productivity. Read on to discover my approach to tackling this by binning the traditional ‘Training Needs Analysis’ and instead focusing on a ‘Talent Needs Analysis’ approach.

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One of the biggest misconceptions I come across in my line of work is that introverts are shy. I have stood with groups of leaders on countless occasions and explained that introversion and extroversion are not about how confident or shy we are; they are about where our energy comes from. During these discussions I regularly share the fact that I am an introvert, yet I am not shy. But that is a lie.