Coaching / Leadership

I received a message this week from a client I worked with two years ago. It was a note saying thank you. They had an important presentation coming up and used their learning from our programme to help them prepare. They wanted me to know how that experience was still having an impact for them and that they remain grateful. As you might expect, this made me smile and gave me an amazing feeling. It also got me wondering about the forgotten craft of a ‘thank you’.

Culture Change / Leadership

There is no doubt that an Executive Team influences the culture of their organisation. It is their consistent actions that model the way for the rest of the business. If you are a member of an Executive Team it is crucial for you and your colleagues to recognise that it's not your 'on stage' moments that are the greatest influence, but instead it is the regular moments of truth that your people see, hear and feel. Here are four ways that you most powerfully cast a light or shadow over your people.

Culture Change / Leadership

“You remind me of myself 20 years ago”. I often wonder how many times this sort of statement is thought of by managers during talent reviews when considering someone as high potential? Like it or not the world of talent management is still very distinctly tribal in many aspects driven by a deep need within our human DNA to survive and thrive with likeminded people. By recruiting, developing and promoting people who are the same as ourselves we could be in danger of creating a ‘Talent Tribe’.

Leadership / Learning

Today is my first day back in the office after nearly three weeks on holiday and I’m full of ideas for the weeks, months and year ahead. But before I can get started on any of that I have a confession and an apology.