Culture Change / High Performing Teams / Leadership

This week Virgin Money have appointed Irene Dorner as their chairwoman who will now join Jayne-Anne Gadhia (CEO) as the only female duo to top one of the FTSE 250 companies. A big step forward in gender equality but according to their 2016 annual report, Virgin Money still has a gender pay gap of 36%. Read on to discover how Virgin Money have set themselves a target of a 50:50 gender balance by 2020 and what they’re doing to achieve it.

High Performing Teams / Leadership / Learning

As a talent manager, I’m guessing you’ve experienced the all too familiar request from a people manager to give their team some form of training to deal with an issue of underperformance whether it be motivation or productivity. Read on to discover my approach to tackling this by binning the traditional ‘Training Needs Analysis’ and instead focusing on a ‘Talent Needs Analysis’ approach.