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As many talent management professionals will know the big white elephant in the room with ‘Gender Pay Gap’ painted on its side is not going away anytime soon. Do we still need convincing that gender diversity is worth making a priority for our talent strategies? Here’s some of the evidence and a challenge to tackle our culture not quotas:

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Many people grow up idolising popstars, movie stars or superheroes. I didn’t. Instead my heroes were called Geoff, Michael, David and Ossie. They were spectacularly normal in the best sense of the word. Those heroes taught me how anyone can be an everyday hero and I’d like to share how you can be one too.

Culture Change / Leadership

Have you ever returned from the supermarket with the ingredients for an important meal and realised you had forgotten a vital item? You did your research to create something different for your guests, planned everything really well and felt energised about the evening. Then in that moment you click your fingers and sigh, as you realise you have forgotten something significant that threatens to derail your plans. If so, you have just experienced the finger clicking phase of change.

Culture Change

"We want to grow by 100% top line and bottom line in the next five years." This isn’t an unreasonable request from a CEO of a business with huge potential and investment backing. Unfortunately their current organisational culture will not support their aims. Fortunately, they recognise this and have taken action but too many organsiations don’t realise until it’s too late.