Culture Change / Leadership

Imagine spending tens of thousands of pounds creating and communicating a new set of company values and finding that despite the investment your people don't know or care what they are. Unthinkable right? We come across organisations every day that have done just that. They have missed the simple, most important step in bringing values to life.

Culture Change

For the last few years my family and I have spent our summer holiday on the Greek island of Kos. It is an idyllic place and we enjoy the friendly and laid-back culture of the people we have met over the years. This includes Alex, a retired executive from the UK who now lives in Kos, who I have got to know quite well. While enjoying a coffee with Alex we stumbled into a conversation about change and the significant role of Short-term Wins in the adoption of Organisational Change. While not the kind of topic of conversation I had anticipated having while on holiday, it was a useful reminder for the culture change projects I am working on right now.