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In a recent talent coaching discussion, with a board executive member, the theme of poor management clogging up the talent pools seems to still be continually happening at all levels of many organisations. We’ve always known the old adage to be true that people don’t necessarily leave bad businesses, they tend to leave bad managers. Read my new article below to review how you as talent managers can support new leaders in their transition from peer to manager.

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One of the biggest misconceptions I come across in my line of work is that introverts are shy. I have stood with groups of leaders on countless occasions and explained that introversion and extroversion are not about how confident or shy we are; they are about where our energy comes from. During these discussions I regularly share the fact that I am an introvert, yet I am not shy. But that is a lie.

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Some of us consciously put on a mask when we go to work each day. We act in the way that we think someone doing our job, at our level should act. And then there are those of us who go to work without even realising that we are wearing a mask. There may be something from our past that has created a certain behavioural trait which means that we do not realise we’re keeping part of our personality or life hidden. I’ve recently realised I’m the latter.

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Many people grow up idolising popstars, movie stars or superheroes. I didn’t. Instead my heroes were called Geoff, Michael, David and Ossie. They were spectacularly normal in the best sense of the word. Those heroes taught me how anyone can be an everyday hero and I’d like to share how you can be one too.

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One of my personal development commitments over the past year has been to introduce a new psychometric profiling tool to my portfolio. As you would imagine, I have experienced numerous such tools over the years with a mixture of impact and value. While choosing the right tool for you and your organisation is obviously important, one of my biggest insights has been how much my own thinking has either helped or hindered the process. Here are 5 things to remember when using a psychometric tool. These are approaches I believe that, regardless of the tool, can maximise the impact and value you and your team will enjoy.