Culture Change / Leadership

As many talent management professionals will know the big white elephant in the room with ‘Gender Pay Gap’ painted on its side is not going away anytime soon. Do we still need convincing that gender diversity is worth making a priority for our talent strategies? Here’s some of the evidence and a challenge to tackle our culture not quotas:


Five years ago this week I joined the TwentyOne Leadership team. While it may have been a big career decision to make at the time, it was also one of the easiest...and best decisions I have made. The milestone got me reflecting on my experience and the things I have learnt over the years. Things I would share with myself if I was just starting out on this adventure. Enjoy ‘5 years on, 5 things learnt’.

High Performing Teams

Being a great team, consistently, is hard. It takes effort, time and dedication. But above all else, we believe it takes the willingness to go and stand on the cliff edge where it’s more than just a little uncomfortable.