Coaching / Leadership

In a recent talent coaching discussion, with a board executive member, the theme of poor management clogging up the talent pools seems to still be continually happening at all levels of many organisations. We’ve always known the old adage to be true that people don’t necessarily leave bad businesses, they tend to leave bad managers. Read my new article below to review how you as talent managers can support new leaders in their transition from peer to manager.


Do you ever feel like you’ve got a few too many plates spinning and that at least one is about to come crashing down? And does that feeling cause your Imposter Syndrome to surface, filling your head with thoughts such as “What if I fail and everyone finds out that I’m not really good enough?”

Culture Change / Leadership

We have noticed a real spike in conversations about change recently. So many of our clients are going through, or are about to embark on, large change projects. Whatever their sector and wherever they are on their journey, they all say the same thing. Change is hard! Over the years we have written lots of articles on how to make hard change easy. This gave me the idea of bringing a selection of these articles together in one place. I hope they bring greater clarity and insights to ease the burden in your own endeavours of leading change in your organisation.