Everything we do is designed with a deep understanding of how we learn as an underpinning factor. The days of ‘pour and snore’ training where delegates are on the receiving end of days and days of death by PowerPoint randomly broken up by games and awkward role-plays are long gone, for our clients at least.

Over the past decade we have been fortunate to work alongside and learn from some of the greatest minds in learning, leadership, coaching and change. As a result, the programmes we design are rich both in the content that the participants explore and also the learning experience itself. In fact the neuroscientists we have worked with in this area would argue that how people feel when they learn is even more important than what they learn.

We also know that to make any learning event successful we must pay at least as much attention to what happens before the event (set up) and after the event (set down) as to the event itself. Our set-up activity is designed does two things. First and foremost, it enables us to really get under the skin of your business so that we can deliver a tailor made solution just for you and secondly, it helps ensure that your team are in an optimal state to learn. Simply put, our set-down activity is designed to overcome the Ebbinghaus ‘Forgetting Curve’ by sending new materials to your team at key times to ensure that the learning is recalled, and most importantly, applied back in to the workplace.

At TwentyOne Leadership we love what we do and practice what we preach. This is why in choosing to work with us you will have total confidence that you are getting not just the best, but also the latest, tools, techniques and strategies delivered by consultants with a vast amount of practical experience.

And if we were to sum up our style in one short sentence it would be “fast, fun and fit for purpose”.

“We have worked with TwentyOne Leadership on a number of occasions and have been impressed how they have taken, understood and interpreted our brief to deliver innovative and interesting training sessions that have met our needs. Our team have enjoyed the informal and interactive style of the trainers and we have felt confident in the content and approach. The follow up materials are also great at keeping the learning alive.”

Margaret Dodwell – MD Guinness South