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In a recent talent coaching discussion, with a board executive member, the theme of poor management clogging up the talent pools seems to still be continually happening at all levels of many organisations. We’ve always known the old adage to be true that people don’t necessarily leave bad businesses, they tend to leave bad managers. Read my new article below to review how you as talent managers can support new leaders in their transition from peer to manager.

Culture Change / High Performing Teams / Leadership

This week Virgin Money have appointed Irene Dorner as their chairwoman who will now join Jayne-Anne Gadhia (CEO) as the only female duo to top one of the FTSE 250 companies. A big step forward in gender equality but according to their 2016 annual report, Virgin Money still has a gender pay gap of 36%. Read on to discover how Virgin Money have set themselves a target of a 50:50 gender balance by 2020 and what they’re doing to achieve it.

During 2017 I’ve been focusing on coaching and consulting with a wide range of businesses, not just in the UK but also Europe and the UAE. I’ve come up with my top 5 talent management focus areas based on a consensus of challenges universally faced by many Talent Managers. Review my top 5 below to question where your talent management focus is for 2018.

Culture Change / Leadership / Learning

Over the past 12 months I've been focusing on providing a talent coaching focus to many new and existing clients. What is obvious is the biggest barriers are created by those that would benefit most from a well-executed talent strategy - the line management team. Read my new article to discover three of the most consistent challenges I've found.