Culture Change / Leadership

“You remind me of myself 20 years ago”. I often wonder how many times this sort of statement is thought of by managers during talent reviews when considering someone as high potential? Like it or not the world of talent management is still very distinctly tribal in many aspects driven by a deep need within our human DNA to survive and thrive with likeminded people. By recruiting, developing and promoting people who are the same as ourselves we could be in danger of creating a ‘Talent Tribe’.

As I continue to develop my work in transforming talent strategies across a range of businesses I’m constantly confronted with the challenges of the same talent tool used in the majority of organisations – the 9-box grid.

I was recently asked what my experience had taught me in delivering graduate inductions over the past 20 years. Watch my short Vlog below where I set out my top 3 tips for delivering an amazing induction experience for your new graduates including the one thing you need to know to improve your programme year on year. As talent managers delivering an amazing induction for our new graduates has to be one of our key priorities. This induction needs to set them off on the journey to allow them the best opportunities to flourish into the required high potential talent we need for our future talent pools. This is not about "orientation" it's about lighting the fuse so that they can skyrocket to their full potential.