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We have noticed a real spike in conversations about change recently. So many of our clients are going through, or are about to embark on, large change projects. Whatever their sector and wherever they are on their journey, they all say the same thing. Change is hard! Over the years we have written lots of articles on how to make hard change easy. This gave me the idea of bringing a selection of these articles together in one place. I hope they bring greater clarity and insights to ease the burden in your own endeavours of leading change in your organisation.


The passing of Ikea’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, was announced last week. The 91 year old Swede founded the company at the age of 17 with money given to him by his father for doing well at school. He led a company that transformed attitudes to flat-pack furniture and become a global leader in its industry with over 400 stores worldwide and 200,000 employees. In reading about Mr Kamprad, I wondered what his legacy of leadership might be and what was behind his success at Ikea. Here are 3 leadership lessons from the founder of Ikea that stood out for me.

Leadership / Learning

The Lumsdon family held one of our annual traditions of the holidays this weekend when we watched A Christmas Carol together. The tail of how the visit of three ghosts transforms Scrooge into a kinder, gentler and arguably richer and more successful businessman, is timeless. Charles Dickens’ book was first published on 19th December 1843 and shows how lessons from the past and visions of the future can create a brand new reality in the present.

Culture Change / Leadership

When I checked into a hotel recently I noticed three things. First an impressive gallery of Employee of the Month photographs next to the reception desk, proudly displayed for their guests to view. Second, I was being checked-in by August’s Employee of the Month. Third, when I congratulated her and enquired what she had done to win the award, I discovered she had absolutely no idea. “I guess it was my turn for the voucher!” she said with a smile.