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#1. Get out of your head If you’re wrestling with something and can’t seem to find a way forward, empty your head into a journal. Turn over a crisp, fresh page and download all that you are thinking and feeling. Write down your perfect outcome, the current situation, your thoughts, feelings, opportunities, risks and fears. There is no need to follow a prescriptive process; just give yourself time and space then allow the solutions to appear.


When it comes to leadership, every day is a school day. The best, most successful leaders are undoubtedly the ones who are constantly learning from their successes and from their failures. But learning only has value when it leads to change. In this case ensuring that we optimise the things that are working well whilst ensuring we do not continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. In this week’s article I have shared five of the most significant lessons that I've learned and captured in my journal over the past 12 months. I hope they are of value to you.

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Regular readers will notice a very, very different theme to this post. This week my very good friend, Nick Looby, launches his new book - "Modern Zombies: How to Stay Ahead of the Horde and Communicate Your Way to Incredible Success." Nick believes that we have a serious problem with zombies, and we are all infected. Whilst he has seen the communication virus creeping through every home, office and auditorium, I'm seeing it destroy our productivity at an alarming rate. Read on...if you dare.